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Febuary 15 2010 dive off the Poseidon Vessel

Posted by njue on February 26, 2010 at 11:57 AM

What could have been our last dive on the Poseidon Vessel was excellent. We were scheduled to depart at 0700hrs. Up at 0500hrs loaded the truck with Kevin Krowicki and out to start our journey. Once on I-295 we meet up with Dave Barnes who was following us in his truck. We arrived at the boat docks at around 0645 hrs, just a little later than we wanted to. Stephan, Ken, Dan Wright and Sherwood were already there shoveling snow off the boat. I have to say that after the big snow storms we had a few weeks ago the boat was loaded with snow. They did a good job cleaning out the snow from the deck of the boat. Once they were through we grab their shovels and started cleaning off the bow of the boat. As I was shoveling the snow off the boat I couldn’t help but take a minute to take in thoughts of our winter diving. Cold winter air we were breathing, ice and snow that surrounded the boat and best of all a few great friends to enjoy this day with. Stephan, Sherwood, Ken and Dan were all diving CCR’s while Kevin, Dave and I were diving OC. After the boat warmed up and was cleaned off we decided on the G.A. Venturo tug wreck. The Venturo was sunk as an artificial reef in 1996. It sits in 80 feet of water, and the main deck is around 65ft. Also sunk around the wreck is, five armor personal carriers that sit off the stern. As we headed out the seas were quite nice, but few miles out and it turned a little nasty. Ken and Sherwood would be tying us in today. Around 45 minutes later we saw the shot come to the surface, that’s our sign that they had a successful tie-in. Because of the seas we decided to tie off at the bow today. Once we were tied in Kevin, Dave and I geared up for our dive. I splashed first but not before Dan could get nice pictures of me (thanks Dan) I went down to 20 feet and waited for the rest of my team to come down. Around 5 minutes later I could see Dave coming down the line motioning to me that it was just the two of us. Later I found out that Kevin had a problem with his inflator so he couldn’t get down. As Dave and I descended down the line we saw Ken and Sherwood hanging. Ken and I exchanged and few hand signals and went our separate ways. Once down the line I could see that we were tied into one of the armor personal carries. Visibility was about 30 feet. I could see two small lines going off in two different directions. I figured Ken and Sherwood probably laid the line but wasn’t sure because of the debris that the lines already had pickup. I retrieved my reel and tied off next to the line that was already in place. I wanted to be sure that it was Ken’s or Sherwood’s line before following it. Dave and I swam 30-40 feet and came to the stern of the Venturo. Once there I confirmed that the line was the other teams and decided to retrieve my line since it was a relatively short swim back to the starting point. While I was untying my line Dave came up to me and showed me that his Atomic M1 was free flowing. Dave gave me the thumbs up and I returned the signal to confirm his decision. I stowed my reel and we moved to the anchor line, which was 5 feet or so away. Dave had already switched to his alternate air source. I went over to Dave and helped him shut the primary regulator. Once the regulator was shut down we waited a minute or so and turned it back on which fixed the free flowing. We decided to continue on the dive. The rest of the dive went great; Dave and I penetrated what we could and had a total run time around 40 or so minutes. Once back on the boat Stephan and Dan went in for their dive. A little while later we could see their SMB hit the surface giving us the signal that they had popped the anchor. We pulled in the anchor line and started heading back to the shore. Once again this was a fantastic day of diving, the seas calmed down to nothing and the sun was out shinning bright. It’s a shame that the boat is probably sold, I am going to miss diving on that boat. But that’s not the end of our adventures, it just the beginning our dive season. If you want more information about the wreck here is a link.

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