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Last dive of 2010

Posted by njue on December 31, 2010 at 12:00 PM

Location: Dutch Springs

Dive Time:56 mins

Divers: Jimmy, Michael, Kevin and Jason



Well we headed out in to Dutch Springs so we could get underwater for a few minutes. It was nice seeing the gang again and diving since the weather has been so crappy around here for the last few months! We started out by the student side and hit a max depth of 80 feet around the pump house. After 27 minutes Jimmy's dry suit started leaking and with 41 degrees water temp, I am sure he was cold!! HAHA:lol: . The dive ended with Michael and I working on drills at around 56 minutes. All in all it  was a fun day. I am ready for doing some more exploration in 2011 with old and new friends! Happy New Years everyone.:)



Jason Davis


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